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5 Things You Need to Know When Jumping Into Destiny 2

Whether you’re a veteran Destiny player or a new comer to the series, here are a few things you need to know when jumping into Destiny 2.

5 Weapon Catagories

In Destiny you had the primary, special, and heavy weapons. In Destiny 2 those have been changed to kinetic, energy, and power. The kinetic slot is used for auto rifles, scout rifles, pulse rifles, hand cannons, side arms, and sub machine guns. The energy slot is used for everything in the kinetic (Yes, that means you can have 2 auto rifles equipped at the same time or have an auto rifle and hand cannon.), except the weapons in this slot can have elemental burns (Solar, Void, and Arc.) Heavy weapons are used for rocket launchers, grenade launchers, swords, fusion rifles, and now snipers and shotguns.

4 Objective Tracking/ Map

Previously in Destiny 1 public events seemed random, most of the time they just started while you were out patrolling, but when you actually needed them for a quest or something they were never there! There were ways of tracking them, but you had to go outside the game, and they weren’t always accurate. Now in Destiny 2 you can open up your map (That’s right, we have an actual map now) and not only see where the nearest public event is, but also see how much time there is until it starts and you can track side quests, too. Additionally, you no longer have to go to orbit to go between planets, you can fast travel between planets via the map.

3 Crucible Changes

The biggest change to Destiny 2s PvP from the original is, now every mode is 4v4, as opposed to 6v6. There were also some subtle changes to control (aka domination), unlike most popular shooters with this mode, you no longer capture a point if more players are on it. There is no more neutralizing a point either, you just capture it. Additionally, there’s a new mode called countdown, in this mode one team will try to plant a bomb in the other teams base while the other team will obviously try to keep them from doing that. For me personally, these are all welcome changes, even though I’m not a PvP guy, it might entice me to give it another chance.

2 Legendary Gear Changes

I think the Destiny veterans can all agree that Destiny PvP had more than a few balance issues, previously when Bungie wanted to tweak a weapon they would have to change the whole weapon class. The way Bungie has built Destiny 2, it will allow them to change individual legendaries without affecting the whole class. Furthermore, weapons will have static rolls, “What do I mean by this?” Take the Does Not Compute for example, since there are static rolls, that means that every other Does Not Compute in the game will have the exact same perk rolls as that one and if the devs decide they want to change its stats they can do that without affecting the whole scout rifle class.

1 Subclass Changes

In case you haven’t heard any news about Destiny 2 there are 3 new subclasses, the Warlock’s Dawnblade (As seen above) the Titan’s Sentinal (Purple Cap’n Murcia) and the Hunter’s Arc Strider (Arc Poledancer.) The super abilities themselves aren’t the only changes, each class now has a cross SUBclass ability (Not cross class) these class abilities can be activated by holding your crouch button.

The Titans abilities are Towering Barricade and Rally Barricade. Towering Barricade throws up a giant shield which can be used to absorb damage or block off a line of sight in PvP. Rally Barricade is essentially the same thing, just shorter, although it can be used as a head glitch of sorts.

The Warlocks abilities are Healing Rift and Empowering Rift. Healing Rift creates an AoE (Area of Effect) beneath you that heals you and your allies. Empowering Rift is the same thing, except it increases the amount of damage you, and your allies deal.

The Hunters abilities are Marksmen Dodge, and Gamblers Dodge, both of these are activated by double tapping you crouch button. Marksmen Dodge lets you dodge in any direction, and it also refills your magazine. Gamblers Dodge works in a similar way, except that when you dodge near an enemy in increases your melee energy.

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