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Destiny 2: Forsaken Expansion Brings Big Changes to Bungie’s Game

After all sorts of speculation, Bungie held its much-anticipated livestream earlier today to finally show off what it has planned for Destiny 2’s second year. After numerous teases including a very short teaser clip which revealed the upcoming expansion’s name as Forsaken, Bungie confirmed that the Awoken will play a big part in this upcoming expansion. The accompanying ViDoc gave a general overview of Destiny 2: Forsaken including how the expansion changes the game.

Like the previous Destiny 2 expansions before it, Forsaken adds a new campaign set on the Reef’s The Tangled Shore, an area between Earth and Mars. Unfortunately, the area has since fallen into strife, prompting an investigation of the unrest by Cayde-6. Before long, its discovered that the high-profile fugitives being held in the Prison of Elders have escaped, allowing Bungie to craft what it calls a reverse Magnificent Seven. Players hunt down eight different Barons, all with their own unique boss battles.

On top of a brand new campaign, Forsaken adds plenty of changes, enhancements, and new content for players to experience. Attempting to build a game that the community has been asking for, the expansion introduces a brand new Raid based out of the Awoken homeland called the Dreaming City. As expected, Forsaken also adds plenty of new loot including a new bow weapon class, while also adding nine new super moves in total, one for each of the three elemental subclasses for Hunters, Warlocks, and Titans.

The sandbox experience is also getting a number of fan-requested changes including an overhauled weapon system where players can wield former power and special weapons in other slots. The ViDoc even teases that it’s possible to equip three shotguns, one in each weapon slot. Mods are also getting overhauled, with Bungie saying that the new system will empower players to customize gear how they want. Unfortunately, details on how exactly this is changing is still scarce.

With Forsaken, Bungie looks to try and rectify many of the issues that currently plague the Destiny 2 experience, similar to what the studio was able to do with The Taken King for the original Destiny. Bungie has previously confirmed that the expansion will be at E3 2018 next week, showing off more of the campaign as well as letting fans go hands-on with it’s often teased and brand new mode known as Gambit.

The mode is described as a 4v4 competitive mode where two teams battle each other in their own separate arena while attempting to collect and deposit items dropped by AI enemies. Depositing enough of these items which negatively impacts the other team as well as lets one teammate physically invade the other team’s session.

Destiny 2: Forsaken launches on September 4 for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

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