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How to Help With Tempered Elder Dragon Investigation Farming

While players will have a variety of answers when asked what the true endgame of Monster Hunter World is, a lot will likely say it’s tempered elder dragon investigation farming. Because tempered elder dragon investigations have the highest chance of dropping high rarity jewels and streamstones for augmenting weapons, they are easily the most sought-after endgame quests. But getting tempered elder dragon investigations isn’t easy, especially for players that don’t want to rely on Monster Hunter World’s inconsistent matchmaking system.

Luckily, there is an event quest right around the corner that should be a good course for tempered elder dragon investigation farming. It’s called “Tracking the Delivery” and sends players to the Elder’s Recess to collect Beryl Deposits.

On the surface, this may not look like an investigation farming mission, but as we learned this week, event quests sometimes are structured specifically for that purpose. This week there is a quest called “A Simple Task” in the Ancient Forest that has players collecting Gourmet Shroomcaps, but really it’s a great way to pick up threat level 1 and 2 tempered investigation tracks. Since there are no monsters in the area, players are free to traverse the area and pick up tracks for the full time of the quest.

Here’s a map of all the threat level 2 tempered monster tracks for those that want to farm the lower level investigations, courtesy of Reddit user ValiusForta.

Of course, this is just an assumption based on the required Hunter Rank and the objective of the event quest, but it certainly seems to be designed for tempered elder dragon track farming. Presumably, there will be Nergigante tracks, Teostra tracks, and Kushala Daora tracks to pick up in the area, as well as some threat level 2 monster tracks. And so by the time the event quest leaves, players should have plenty of investigations to help with their streamstone and decoration grind.

Capcom seems to understand that the tempered investigation issue is inconsistent and so has added this event quests to the rotation. But it may be a non-issue soon, as the developer plans to outline new updates for the game in a livestream later this week.


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