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Monster Hunter World Details Mega Man Event Quest

After shattering sales records for Capcom, Monster Hunter World continues to keep the experience fresh for players through new weekly quests and events, as well as re-introducing monsters from previous games such as Deviljho. Capcom has also embraced the idea of crossover events with other franchises by offering unique quests and rewards related to Street Fighter 5, Devil May Cry and Horizon Zero Dawn. After teasing a Mega Man crossover event last year, Capcom is finally shedding light on what players can expect from the quest.

Starting on April 13, players finally have their chance to earn special Mega Man themed gear in Monster Hunter World. The Event Quest called A Rush of Blood is a 7 star quest that tasks players with hunting two Odagaron in the arena. In order to accept this quest, players are required to be hunter rank 13, which means the base campaign has been completed. Finish this event quest to unlock the Mega Man pixel armor for the Palico as well as classic 8-bit Mega Man music that changes based on the weapon that the player has equipped.

The crossover is part of the in-game Spring Blossom Festival. The occasion sees the town of Astera decorated with flowers, special fireworks, double login bonuses, and updates to facilities that plans to make shopping much easier for players. From a gameplay perspective, when the event starts on April 6, players will be able to craft new armor sets as well as Palico, Handler, and Poogie gear that’s only active during the event. In addition, nearly every special event quest will be active again, letting players that missed out on gear from Street Fighter 5, Horizon Zero Dawn, and others get another chance at them.

Capcom also surprised fans this past weekend when they launched a special event quest to hunt a tempered Deviljho known as Relish the Moment. Players who missed it will get another chance when the event makes its return during the festival.


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