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Monster Hunter World: How to Beat Kulve Taroth

The newest creature to be added to Monster Hunter World will take an unprecedented effort to take down. Kulve Taroth is a golden Elder Dragon that requires players to participate in the game’s new Siege quest, allowing four groups of four (a total of 16 players) to investigate and assault the most flamboyant creature in Monster Hunter World so far.

How to Begin The Quest

To get started, players will need a Hunter Rank of at least 16, though they might want to be a tad higher. As is expected, in order to get the ball rolling, hunters will need to go out into the world and collect a sample from Kulve Taroth. This monster is known for attracting gold to its body, so it is constantly decked out in the stuff. This is what players should be keeping an eye out for. The samples can be either tracks or gold scales, both of which attract blue Scoutflies. Hunters will know know they’ve collected the correct sample when the Handler asks them to return to Astera to speak with the Admiral.

Once back at the base, there will be a short cutscene. Afterwards, hunters will find themselves at the Gathering Hub, where they will get a short tutorial on how the new Siege quest works. The Gathering Hub is the only place to access the quest, and it will be shared with fellow hunters in the area. Since the game is currently celebrating its Spring Blossom Festival, expect to see the area decked out in colorful floral accents.

Once prepared, speak with the girl at the quest counter and choose the Kulve Taroth Siege. Here, players can enter the quest or take a look at their progress. There are a number of objectives to fulfill, all of which can be completed after a few successful runs at the Siege.

Be prepared before diving in. Load up on all the potions possible, equip some damage-reducing mantles, and be sure to bring along some cool drinks. These will be crucial for the later portions of the fight. Depending on whether it has its gold plating or not, Kulve Taroth changes its weaknesses. According to the game, thunder and water elements work best when it’s covered in gold. Ice, dragon, and water work best after the gold has been removed.

How To Beat Kulve Taroth

Once the quest is accepted and the party is ready to go, players will be taken to a new area called “Caverns of El Dorado”; a nod to the legendary city of gold.

There are three ways the Siege quest can go down: players can fail after fainting three times, they can kill the monster, or the monster can escape. Regardless of which scenario plays out, the progress each party makes on the various objectives will count towards the total. Though it’s always best to try and survive since that rewards bonus materials at the end. The moment Kulve Taroth’s horns are broken off, the investigation is considered complete.

The first phase is very simple. Track Kulve Taroth and keep knocking off as much of its gold armor as possible, collecting whatever falls to the ground. The horns are especially valuable, but can be difficult to target. Be sure to use the environment. Knocking down boulders on top of the beast will do a good amount of damage. Also, be sure to focus on the front portions of the monster. The head, front legs, and chest are particularly vulnerable spots. Don’t worry too much about receiving damage, the monster won’t fight back during this first phase.

Eventually, Kulve Taroth will move to a more open area of the cavern. Here’s where it will start to be more aggressive. The goal is the same, continue to knock off its armor and break various parts. Its attacks are fairly easy to read during this phase, so watch its movements and it won’t be much trouble. Kulve Taroth likes to throw its body weight around and will lunge frequently, then roll on the ground. When it tilts its head back, it’s preparing for a fire breathing attack. Be ready to dodge.

If players do enough damage, Kulve Taroth will move into the third phase, leading them to a fiery cavern covered in lava. This is where those cool drinks will come in handy. Here, hunters will want to do more of the same. Except this time, there will be more ways to use the environment. There are boulders here too, so use them to knock Kulve Taroth over, and then strike hard and fast on the belly or head. Keep dragging the monster through the lava and its armor will begin to heat up, making it more vulnerable. When it glows a bright red, start hacking away until the armor sheds off.

Once its gold plating is gone, Kulve Taroth will move once again into another area, beginning the fourth and final phase. Here’s where the real fight begins. Without its armor, this skinnier version of the monster is quicker and much more aggressive. Its fire attacks are also more devastating and cover a wider area. Kulve Taroth will occasionally blast the ceiling, causing lava to rain down during the fight. Like other Elder Dragon encounters, be prepared to dodge a lot, getting in a hit or two when possible. Hunters will want to use the middle stalagmite to their advantage, either to get a boost into the air or to block attacks.

After a time, players will either kill the beast or it will escape. Either way, the most important thing is how far each team advances and how many pieces of the monster are broken off — the horns being the most important part. After each encounter, players can check their progress. The more objectives that are completed, the higher the reward level. The higher the level, the more valuables and weapons each group will receive. When the investigation is finished, the objectives will reset and players are free to try again for more prizes.

As for what the future holds for Monster Hunter World, next week will bring the Devil May Cry event. During this limited-time event, players will have a shot at acquiring Dante’s alpha armor and sword. They will also be able to gain a new gesture that uses Dante’s signature guns, Ebony & Ivory.


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