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Monster Hunter World: How to Get Sunglasses in the Event Quest

Monster Hunter World is back with yet another event quest that gives players a fun (and slightly useful) cosmetic item. This time, players can unlock a pair of sunglasses if they complete a very simple quest.

The latest addition to the Monster Hunter World weekly event quest rotation is called Flash in the Pan, and it involves fighting 3 Tzitzi Ya Ku monsters in the challenge arena. Most players that have spent a little time in High Rank shouldn’t have too much trouble with the fight, but if you need a tip: try to separate the Tzitzi Ya Kus from each other using the giant gate by pulling the lever. That way you won’t need to worry about one randomly flashing/stunning you while trying to do damage to the other.

Outside of that, the player should focus on getting hits in and then be prepared to dodge, as the monster tends to leap out of nowhere if off screen. And adding three Tzitzi’s too the mix can result in a lot of time on the floor if players are not careful.

Once the quest is complete, the player should receive a ticket but they need three to craft the sunglasses. Complete the quest two more times and then head to the Smithy in Astera. Trade in the tickets for the Shadow Shades “helm” and prepare to look a little cooler hunting in Monster Hunter World.

Unlike last week’s Wiggler Helm, which could work pretty well with a support build, the Shadow Shades are a little less useful. They do have level 2 stun resistance, which can help against monsters like Tzitzi Ya Ku, but stun resistance is a little more circumstantial. Many Monster Hunter World veterans choose to favor skills like attack boost and weapon sharpness over resistances, at least for anything not an Elder Dragon.

Still, the Shadow Shades are a fun item to unlock and will certainly complement the outfits of players that are looking to favor fashion over utility. But once players get to the endgame, sometimes it’s fun to mix things up and create builds focused on something other than doing damage. So if, say, players want a good build for Diablos that eliminates any chance of getting stunned, these shades will help with that.


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