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Monster Hunter World Prototyped a Classic Monster Before Removing It

After breaking several sales records for Capcom, even becoming its biggest selling game ever, Monster Hunter World players are enjoying the first wave of post-launch DLC content to be added outside of special crossover events with Street Fighter, Horizon: Zero Dawn, and more. The biggest piece of the update was the addition of Deviljho, a massive brute wyvern with a nasty mean streak and plenty of rewards for players to earn. While Deviljho won’t be the last monster included in DLC, there is one classic monster that almost made a return to Monster Hunter World.

During the Monster Hunter World Postmortem: Concept Design through Prototyping and Iteration panel at GDC 18, game director Yuya Tokuda revealed some behind the scenes information to the crowd including that Lagiacrus didn’t make the cut for the final game. While series veterans will no doubt be very familiar with this underwater Leviathan from previous games, Tokuda admitted that Lagiacrus had been prototyped and was in Monster Hunter World at one point, but was ultimately cut from the game.

The prototype footage showed how hunters could rely on new environmental features to survive an encounter, as the player lured an Anjanath up a waterfall, where it was swept down into the body of water where the Lagiacrus was waiting to finish it off. While fans may be hoping to see the mighty Lagiacrus make its grand return at a later date, Tokuda, unfortunately, confirmed that Capcom doesn’t have any plans to do so through future updates or downloadable content. In fact, many of the ways that Lagiacrus would have interacted and impacted the environment were actually pulled and given to Jyuratodus, Monster Hunter World’s other water-loving creature.

Alongside the anticipated return of Deviljho, the free update also brought with it a number of other fixes and improvement for Monster Hunter World players. The biggest change to the game with this update is that almost all of the weapon types have been re-balanced or adjusted in some way.

As well, character appearances can now be adjusted (the first time for free), load times have been reduced, and characters can instead opt to return to the Gathering Hub following the completion of a quest. The annoying stagger glitch, where players could troll others who tried to carve a defeated monster, has also been resolved with this update as well.

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