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Monster Hunter World Teases New Weapon Type?

When it comes to Monster Hunter World, players have a ton of options. They can customize their build in numerous different ways, but it all starts with the weapon type, of which there are currently 14 in the game. But that may soon change if a tease from Monster Hunter World’s Japanese Twitter account is any indication.

This week, the Japanese Monster Hunter World social media account tweeted out a picture featuring key chains representative of the 14 weapon classes and one mystery key chain. A rough translation of the Japanese caption suggests there is a secret behind the mystery question mark, but what exactly is unclear.

Obviously, players are going to be speculating about what classic Monster Hunter weapons could be making a return to the game, but some would argue that World has a good mix of old and new. Given that the Monster Hunter World account is only using key chains it seems unlikely that Capcom is actually teasing a new weapon type. Many fans are speculating that this could be a Palico item or something of that nature, but introducing a completely new weapon type about a month and a half after launch would be unexpected.

That being said, there is a Monster Hunter World livestream planned for next week, on March 14th, where Capcom is expected to talk about its DLC plans for the game moving forward. All players know at this point is that Deviljho will join the monster roster in the future, but outside of that, it’s anyone’s guess.

There was a leak regarding the Monster Hunter World DLC that featured a full roster of new monsters and some elder dragons, but it could not be substantiated at the time. The leak also said that G Rank would be added to the game later this year to give devoted players an even greater challenge and stronger gear to craft.

For now, it’s best not to get too excited before that Monster Hunter World livestream. After this week, we should have a clearer picture regarding the game’s future and new content.

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