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Possible New Allied Race For World Of Warcraft Uncovered

When Blizzard announced World of Warcraft’s next expansion Battle for Azeroth last year, one of the new features of the game is Allied Races. These are basically races that you can “recruit” and once you hit a certain level of reputation with them, you will be able to play as them. So far Blizzard has revealed a handful of them, but now it seems that there could be at least one more.

According to recent data uncovered by data miners, there is speculation that the Vulpera could be a new Allied Race. The Vulpera was introduced in Battle for Azeroth as a new race that will inhabit one of the islands, but it was assumed that they would be NPCs. However the data uncovered in the data mining process has revealed extensive customization options for the Vulpera, leading to speculation that Blizzard would only bother with such deep customization options only if they planned on making them playable.

Unfortunately Blizzard has yet to confirm if the Vulpera will be an Allied Race, or more importantly which faction it will belong to if they are a playable race. For the most part many in the comments have speculated that it might be an Alliance race, which for the most part makes sense given that they do seem to fit the look. In any case we guess we’ll have to wait and see if Blizzard has more details to share about Battle for Azeroth later this year.

The game is scheduled for a release in 2018 but no official release date has been set yet

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