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Upcoming Quest Changes in Battle for Azeroth

Changes to the game come with every expansion, and Battle for Azeroth is no exception. The folks at Wowhead found this out when they checked to see if the 25 quest limit had been lifted from our quest log. I’ve found myself running up against that limit a lot in Legion. That’s even with things like World Quests not being considered part of it. I’ve always found it very annoying and wanted it gone. Admittedly, if they bumped it up to 50, or even 100 I’d probably still find a way to fill it up. But it’s still irritating to be working on Balance of Power and have to search through my logs for a quest to ditch.

Well, the bad news is, the 25 quest limit is still there. But there are a few silver linings to that cloud.

Any of the quests that are labeled as Account Bound no longer count towards the 25 quest limit. For example, all those various Pet Battle quests. This is great if you’re leveling an alt through Pet Battles or otherwise have a full quest log but want to go Pet Battling. You no longer have to seek and destroy a bunch of quests in your log to make room for them. In addition, any daily quests you’re tracking now get a nice new visual effect. It makes them more visually distinct, and easier to spot on the questgiver.

That’s all to the good, but I think it’s fair to say that we want more. Blizz, I know we’ll use up the space and still complain, but still, raise the quest limit. I understand you probably can’t just have it be take as many quests as you want in game. But hey, 25 has been the bane of my questing experience since 2004 already. It’s time for a change.


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