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Upright Orcs are Coming to World of Warcraft

The orcs in Warcraft have always had a very unique silhouette. They’re huge, big-bodied brutes that slouch so deep they lose a few feet from their overall height. Because of NPC orcs like Thrall standing tall and proud over the past few years, players have wanted the same for their own World of Warcraft characters. They’ll soon get the opportunity.

Thanks to some WoWhead datamining, we can now see some of the customization options for upright orcs. This change is currently on the PTR, alongside the Mag’har orcs.

These orcs now stand tall, giving them a much bigger profile overall. If you already have an orc character, you’ll be able to change their posture by simply heading to a stylist in any of the capital cities. There, you can pay a small amount of gold to reshape your posture, just like you would with a haircut.

And people wonder how WoW has stuck around for so long.

While it’s currently unclear when this change will come to orcs, it’s pretty safe to assume that this customization option won’t appear until Battle for Azeroth launches later this year.

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