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What Allied Race Would Get You to Faction Transfer

With the introduction of Allied Races to World of Warcraft, Blizzard has opened up the door to opportunities that are only limited by whichever roster of races exists in the game at any given time. Almost immediately following this announcement, the floodgates were opened for players to start wondering which of their favorite races would, could, and should be added. For me, my mind immediately jumped to two races: The Tuskarr and the Arakkoa.

But that thought was almost immediately followed by the realization that Void Elves — a race that is perfectly fit for a Shadow Priest — still would never be appealing enough to actually make me swap factions. Heck, even if they were on the Horde, I’m not sure I could ever give up my Forsaken Shadow Priest in favor of a Void Elf Shadow Priest. If it were a choice between Forsaken and either Tuskarr or Arakkoa, though? That’s a tougher question.

Even tougher would be what to do if one or both of those became available for the Alliance. I’m tied to my raid team right now. I genuinely do have faction pride. But if I didn’t have a raid team and it were purely a matter of which race I wanted to play most, I might be willing to transfer. And I know that not everyone is as tied to their faction or race as I am.

So today I’m wondering, is there any race in the game — or one coming in Battle for Azeroth — that would convince you to faction transfer? If not faction transfer, would one of them at least get you to race change your main?

Again, I’m fairly tied to my Forsaken Shadow Priest — but Tuskarr, Arakkoa, those new snake people, the Tortollan… they’re all pretty dang appealing. I’m sort of glad I don’t have to make that choice anytime soon. What would it take for you to make it?


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