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What Needs to be Made Easier in WoW before Legion Ends

Blizzard has a pretty solid history of streamlining certain aspects of World of Warcraft when that content has past its prime. Reduced requirements, account-wide unlocks, and Bind-on-Account gear are all parts of their toolkit to make life easier when the original requirements become an unnecessary hurdle rather than a show of strength. But Blizzard doesn’t always make the sorts of changes players want. It sometimes makes sense — but other times, it’s hard to follow the logic.

Case in point: The Balance of Power questline. The entire chain spans all of Legion’s original raid content, much akin to the legendary chains in Mists of Pandaria and Warlords of Draenor, and it unlocks Artifact appearances. When the expansion first came out, it was absolutely an impressive feat to be at the front of the quest series, because it could (more or less) be directly correlated with your raid team’s progress.

This is due to the fact that the raid-drop portions of the chain required killing bosses on Normal difficulty or higher. And originally, it made sense. It didn’t make people happy, mind you, but it did make sense given Blizzard’s aims. According to a blue post on Wowhead, the requirement was for the following reason:

That quest chain is intended to provide a cosmetic reward for participating in organized, non-matchmade content. As such, we wanted to keep this step in line with the previous steps in the chain, which require completing Mythic Dungeons.

Again, this made sense back then — and to a degree, it still does. Normal raiding and Mythic dungeons technically require a coordinated group and can’t be done by hitting a random-queue button. But we’re near or above 100 item levels ahead of where we might have been back then, and groups can pretty much plow through the old raids without any real coordination whatsoever. So why not just make the Balance of Power doable in LFR for the final months of Legion?

It’s not a question I can answer, but it’s one I hope Blizzard can. And since we’re on the subject, what do you all want made easier? I’m sure the Balance of Power is on the list for anyone with alts, but are there other aspect of WoW that need to be made easier?


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