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What other Weather Effects Would You Like to See in WoW

Without spoiling too much, the above image is from the Battle for Azeroth alpha and showcases an instance of Stormwind that has both a different skybox and fog effects on the ground. The very first time I saw this version of Stormwind, I was sold. Even without the fog, there’s something about the new skybox that just makes things feel… fresh.

It made me want more. I wanted to see this skybox randomly take the place of the current nighttime skybox. Note that I don’t want to see the existing one replaced outright, but rather a rotation of possible nighttime skybox effects.

The same goes for the fog effect. While it looks positively stellar with the skybox to match, there’s no reason we couldn’t have to fog by itself. Who’s to say the ocean doesn’t cause fog to roll in randomly some mornings? Legion saw the addition of rain in Stormwind, and I’d love to see that expanded even more.

And I’m not just talking exclusively Stormwind weather or exclusively fog effects. There are plenty of zones that would be given some new vigor with a rotation of effects. What if one of Azeroth’s moons occasionally had a “super moon” sort of effect that made it look bigger and brighter? I can already imagine the screenshots.

Or hey, what if zones with volcanoes or fire-like environments occasionally had ash or fire storms? Even cooler — and admittedly a bit tougher — what if some zones had foliage change to match the season? It would require a bit of work, but it’s not like it hasn’t been done before (Blossoming Ancient, anyone?)

Point being, the argument for more weather effects is not a new one — but the game has certainly evolved to a point where it can support more types. I’m always a fan of the little things that help bring the game to life, and I think weather and skyboxes are just one of those ways.

So, readers, what would you like to see in terms of weather or skyboxes? Are you as sold as I am on seasonal effects now that I’ve brought them up?


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