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Complaints & Suggestions

  • "It takes a while for delivery because blizzard site was on maintance but good communication and nice service,thanks!"

    Karen 11-16-2013
  • "I bought 30G for Guildwars2,pretty fast delivery,I will use it for my PVP gear.thanks !"

    Scott 11-16-2013
  • "I bought a blue tiger for WOWEU,so excited to get it fast:) Thanks!"

    Albert 11-16-2013
  • "Fantastic Service, got my challenge mode set from them with zero issue, fast reliable, totally trustworthy, great site, great people. cain was awesome :)"

    Torres 11-16-2013
  • "fast reliable, totally trustworthy, great site"

    Imclutch 11-16-2013
  • "very good service for gold challenge, will recommend it to my friends."

    Rithik 11-16-2013
  • "Thanks for the best service, will come again. And maymay is the best."

    Sany 11-16-2013
  • "Very professional RBG service, will recommend it to friends"

    Manday 11-16-2013
  • "Very good service, will come back again"

    Eaby 11-14-2013
  • "I had a nice trip here. Your help is very useful."

    Estely 11-06-2013
  • "I just bought that powerleveling thing, hope this is LEGIT, not scam."

    Roo 10-20-2013
  • "I have been using this site on and off since about 2007. I work 70 hours a week and do not have the time to farm up gold or level new toons, been down for a few days :)."

    John 10-20-2013
  • "Fantastic service, talked with online support throughout the delivery, thank you again, especially Lasting."

    Chico Olio 09-01-2013

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Complaints & Suggestions

  • "Transaction went great, got gold very quickly, and no problems."

    ceejay 08-13-2018
  • "Ok sorry guys, it's good, you can buy gold easily without problems !!"

    hid 06-18-2018
  • "Bought 100k for warmane IceCrown Alliance, got it in 1 mins, great job"

    James 06-11-2018
  • "Power leveled my Hunter to 330, Steve was very helpful in setting up the service. Was a pleasant transaction. surprised..."

    RunGuardian 02-01-2018
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