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Rib-Boned Breastplate
Rib-Boned Breastplate
Bounce Back AMP *10
Bounce Back AMP *10
Starloom Cloth *100
Starloom Cloth *100

WildStar Items

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Item Name Item Level Delivery Time Price Action
Figment AMP *10Figment AMP *101424 H $149.00$163.90 buy
No Remorse AMP *10No Remorse AMP *101424 H $119.00$130.90 buy
Keep On Truckin' AMPKeep On Truckin' AMP1424 H $119.00$130.90 buy
Stellar Binarymesh Shoulder BoardsStellar Binarymesh Shoulder Boards50168 H $109.00$119.90 buy
Torine Swordmaiden PauldronsTorine Swordmaiden Pauldrons50168 H $109.00$119.90 buy
Torine Lifecaller ShouldersTorine Lifecaller Shoulders50168 H $109.00$119.90 buy
Torine Swordmaiden ShouldersTorine Swordmaiden Shoulders50168 H $109.00$119.90 buy
Torine Longclaw ShouldersTorine Longclaw Shoulders50168 H $109.00$119.90 buy
Torine Deathbringer ShouldersTorine Deathbringer Shoulders50168 H $109.00$119.90 buy
Torine Deathbringer PauldronsTorine Deathbringer Pauldrons50168 H $109.00$119.90 buy
Furry Mantle Of TauFurry Mantle Of Tau50168 H $109.00$119.90 buy
Gran's Heavy Plated PauldronsGran's Heavy Plated Pauldrons50168 H $109.00$119.90 buy
Defiant Multiphasic VisorDefiant Multiphasic Visor50168 H $109.00$119.90 buy
Biomimetic Receptive CowlBiomimetic Receptive Cowl50168 H $109.00$119.90 buy
Legendary League Skull CasqueLegendary League Skull Casque50168 H $109.00$119.90 buy
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